Grants & Awards

Forschungsfonds der SGAR

Die SGAR unterstützt durch externes Fundraising und die üblichen SGAR Mittel multizentrische, klinisch relevante Forschung.

Grant for Clinical Research - FUNDING REGULATIONS

Grant 2022-2024

Please send your complete application for the grant 2022-2024 to info[at] until March 31, 2021.

AbbVie Anaesthesia Award

Since 2004, the AbbVie Anaesthesia Award (formerly Abbott Anaesthesia Award) is annually lent at the SGAR/SSAR (Swiss Society for Anesthesiology and Resuscitation) congress.

This award is intended to support the research in Anesthesiology.
An independent scientific committee of experts from the SGAR/SSAR selects the best project having been published in the previous year in a peer- reviewed scientific journal. The first author or the senior author has to be a member of the Swiss Society of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation. The annual amount of the price is CHF 5000.-.

Deadline of submission: March 31

Only electronically submitted papers will be accepted. Please send your work to the SGAR/SSAR office by e-mail.


Der SGAR-SSAR Award zeichnet die beiden besten freien Mitteilungen und die beiden besten Poster, welche am Jahreskongress der SGAR-SSAR präsentiert werden, aus.