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The ESRA Annual Congress in Dublin (12th-15thSeptember) broke the participant record with more than 1’700 Anaesthesiologists attending lectures and workshops! Switzerland was the 4thCountry with more than 50 Swiss Anaesthesiologists attending the Congress!!!

Switzerland has with 124 ESRA Members passed the mark of 100 members. Therefore, our Swiss ESRA Council representative PD Dr. Eric Albrecht has 2 votes during the Council Meeting. During this Council Meeting, the ESRA Board Member, PD Dr. José A. Aguirre, was re-elected Board Member for additional 3 years, congratulations!

The European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management (EDRA) offered the oral examination (EDRA part II) as usual prior to the official start of the Congress from Monday 10th- Tuesday 11thand the written (EDRA part I) during the first Congress day on Wednesday 12th. Up to date, 14 Swiss Anaesthesiologists have successfully passed EDRA. The Chairman of EDRA, PD Dr. José A. Aguirre encourages all SARA members to take this opportunity into consideration as it offers the unique possibility to certify a high level of regional anaesthesia skills and understanding.

During the Annual Congress, several Swiss Anaesthesiologists were engaged in the different Board or Council and Subcommittees and were invited as Speakers and / or Workshop leaders demonstrating the important role of Swiss Members inside ESRA:

Prof. Dr. med. Alain Borgeat:                   EDRA Examiner, Speaker, Anatomy Workshop Demonstrator

Dr. med. Andrea Saporito, MHA              EDRA Examiner, Speaker, Anatomy & Clinical Workshop Demonstrator

PD Dr. med. Eric Albrecht:                        Speaker, Anatomy & Clinical Workshop Demonstrator (Swiss ESRA Council representative

PD Dr. med. José A. Aguirre, MSc:         EDRA Examiner, Speaker, Anatomy & Clinical Workshop Demonstrator (ESRA Board, EDRA Chairman, Chairman of Clinical Workshops)

Dr. med. Slobodan Gligorijevic:               EDRA Examiner, Anatomy Workshop Demonstrator


In 2019 one of the most well-known names in Regional Anaesthesia finish his academic career (but continue to work in research and clinic): Prof. Dr. med. Alain Borgeat, Zurich.

The Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine Department of the Balgrist University Hospital Zurich will, endorsed by ESRA and SARA, organize a Farewell Symposium in his honor. The program will follow soon. 
SAVE THE DATE: May 24th–May 25th

Lectures, tips and tricks from the expert and Hands-on Ultrasound Workshops will give an overview of the achievements in regional anaesthesia in the last 20 years and have a look at the future!
Don’t miss this opportunity!